Cosmetic Dentistry Covina

Dental braces can be worn by adults as well as by teens these days because they can have clear aligners instead of wire braces.

It is important to have a dentist check your teeth and measure you for braces if you have a crooked smile.

Come in for a professional teeth cleaning treatment every 6 months to brighten your teeth and remove dental plaque.

Drinking coffee every day can turn your teeth a dingy color.

Once the gum is healed after the new artificial root is implanted, the cap can be placed on the implant.

Dental veneers can be made of porcelain in the same color as your other teeth.

If you change your diet so it is healthier, you will end up with whiter teeth.

Depending on what type of dental veneers you have placed, the dentist may need to remove a thin layer of your teeth.

Flossing is something parents should teach children at a young age.

If you have immediate dentures done, you need to know that they may need to be adjusted once your gums heal completely.

If you tend to drink a lot of coffee every day, you may not realize how yellowed and stained your teeth are looking.

If you have crooked teeth you may need to wear dental braces.

Putting a filling in a decayed tooth should help take care of the sensitivity issues you may be having.

Porcelain dentures are the better choice for most people because they are stronger and are made to last longer.

We offer many types of teeth whitening treatments in the office and at your home.

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